RAPID WEIGHT LOSS – Why it Never Works!

Tue, Mar 29, 2011

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Rapid Weight Loss

We are all guilty of wanting rapid weight loss when we first start on our weight reducing programmes but the truth is that they very rarely if ever work.

The problem is that because your body loses the weight so quickly on a rapid weight loss program it doesn’t have time to get used to its new weight along the way.  Losing a healthy couple of pounds each week not only allows your body to adjust as your weight drops but it also allows you to implement simple healthy life style adjustments that you can continue with forever and thus learn how to control and maintain your new weight forever.

Rapid weight loss … 

… seems a great choice initially because most people who want to lose weight are desperate to do so and the quicker they can achieve this, the better and the least amount of time, effort and focus they have to apply the better or so they think!

But in actual fact rapid weight loss

Virtually never works and is one of the worst things that you can do as invariably the weight goes straight back on just as quickly and with some extra pounds along with it – the yo-yo diet syndrome. And what’s even worse is that rapid weight loss can be the cause of excess and baggy skin whereas if you lose weight at a healthy pace then your skin has time to shrink back along with the rest of your body.

We all know, weight isn’t gained overnight so how can we possibly expect to lose it overnight! It gradually goes on and so you should choose a healthy weight reducing program that helps you gradually lose it.
If you want to lose weight then, rather than choosing a rapid weight loss program I recommend that you look for a weight reducing program that ticks all of the following points.

The program should help you achieve your desired weight loss goal and help you put into place good principles for the future.

Make sure your weight reducing programme:-

1. Offers strict guidelines for a couple of your meals each day and flexibility for the other meal.

2. Offers choice but not too large a choice as this will only confuse and tempt you away from the matter in hand.

3. Makre sure it’s going to be sociable.

4. Is simple, practical and easy to implement.

5. Is going to be enjoyable.

6. Contains plenty of healthy options. Being healthy whilst losing weight is ultimately the most important thing to keep in mind, you need to ensure that your body doesn’t miss out on anything that it needs whilst you are dieting.

7. Support – make sure you have plenty of good quality support. Get one-to-one sessions with a coach or leader. These can be face-to-face if you live close by or over the phone, Skype or webcam if not. Over the phone can actually be more efficient and effective than face-to-face as it’s extremely convenient for you both, it’s private and a quick call at a weak moment can ultimately make all the difference to your success. Don’t rely on the class meeting for support you – if in fact you need a class! Use the time you would have gone to the class to exercise instead.

8. And finally make sure your weight reducing programme offers plenty of literature, tutorials and information to help you learn about where you have been going wrong in the past and how you can amend this for the future.

This is what will help you make those healthier lifestyle choices which will keep your weight under control forever and keep you away from rapid weight loss programs.

rapid weight loss

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