Appetite Control, Increased Energy & Weight Loss

Tue, Apr 12, 2011

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Appetite Control, Increased Energy & Weight Loss

Appetite control when losing or maintaining your weight can be a whole learning curve in itself yet once mastered can make all the difference to your success or failure. These days there is much debate as to whether an appetite suppressant should be used or not to help you achieve appetite control more easily.

Listed below are 6 natural ways to help with appetite control which you can start implementing immediately plus some information on an appetite suppressant should you wish to check out that option too:

Appetite Control Using Water

Drinking water is an excellent way to help with appetite control as it helps to suppress hunger pangs. Fill yourself up with 2 litres of water each day and you’re well on your way to weight reduction success and a healthier you. Your body actually loses around 1.7 litres of water each day naturally so by working your way through your 2 litres during the day means that you are really just topping up what you have lost naturally.

Many people do however find it hard to achieve their 2 litre goal because they insist on feeding their body with other types of drinks which are of no benefit to their body whatsoever. If you find it difficult to drink your 2 litres of pure still water each day then take a look at products including green tea which can count towards your water intake, provide you with something that has more flavour than water and psychologically help you believe that you are drinking something other than water.

Appetite Control by Eating Little & Often

Start paying attention to the amount of food you actually eat throughout the day. Doing a food diary can help tremendously here in the early days but eventually making a mental note of what you pop into your mouth should all just become habit.

Instead of skipping breakfasts and/or lunches through the day and then having loads to eat on an evening as some people do, it’s better to eat between 3 and 5 times each day, a little and often. Not massive amounts, just small and sensible amounts of the right food. This helps to keep your metabolism active and in turn will help you to lose weight.

Make Fatty Foods Your Enemy

This might sound quite obvious but some people are drawn to fatty foods and crave them when they don’t have them. If you are one such person then limit yourself to something that you like just once a week as a treat but no more.

But beware fatty foods come in lots of different disguises and whilst everyone knows that fast food take-outs, sweets, chocolate bars, cakes, pastries etc are a ‘no, no’ when losing weight, some people forget that foods like crisps, nuts, salad dressings, sauces and gravies can be hugely calorific if not eaten in moderation and can absolutely sabotage your endeavours.

Eat Slowly Helps to Control Your Appetite

This is a great piece of free advice , simply slow down when you are eating. Lots of people eat their meals as though it was the last meal they were to ever eat and in truth they’ve finished their meal before their brain has even had time to register that they are eating.

The body takes about 20 minutes to register that it is full and to work out how hungry it actually is. If you’ve eaten everything within the first 10 minutes then you’re not only going to remain feeling hungry but you will continue to eat food not because you are hungry, but quite literally for the sake of it and definitely not because your body needs the food, it’s just that your body hasn’t had time to work out that you are full. This is a great way to help to control your appetite naturally.

The Power of Protein

It is well documented these days that protein helps the body stay feeling fuller for longer and it’s absolutely true. If you can get enough healthy protein into your diet each day then the chances are you’ll not be hungry, won’t overeat and thus will either lose your unwanted weight or remain at a stable healthy weight.  Get enough protein into your body and you’ll start to control your appetite more effectively.

So how much protein should you have and which type should you eat? Well on average women should have somewhere between 80-100 grams per day and men anywhere between 100-140 grams as a general rule of thumb.

As for what type of protein you should have well, that can be a little bit more confusing as there are different types of protein: animal; dairy and plant/vegetable such as soy protein.

In an ideal world you want to try not to get all your protein from meat as animal protein in moderation is fine but it can be high in fat, high in calories and can raise cholesterol levels and have longer term consequences on the bowl, colon and kidney.

Dairy protein can be high in calories too so should also be used in moderation or a reduced fat version used wherever possible.

However vegetable/plant protein such as soy protein is extremely kidney, heart, blood and cholesterol friendly and can actually help to reduce cholesterol. Your best plan of action is to have a combination of the three throughout each day to help you consume a very healthy, varied and delicious diet. For those not familiar with soy protein a great way to get an influx of soy protein is to have a protein milkshake or smoothie. This also helps you achieve your daily protein requirement really easily.

Appetite Control

Healthy Snacks

Using snacks can help you control your appetite and as part of your new 5 times each day healthy eating regime, 2 of those 5 meals should be based on healthy snacks but finding healthy snacks is not always easy to achieve other than having raw vegetables, cucumber, tomatoes or fruit and even fruit isn’t always the best choice as some fruits are quite calorific such as bananas. The good thing about fruit is really its vitamin content but as most fruit contain none or very little protein it’s quite often not a filling snack so doesn’t actually achieve the purpose you ate it for.

Some health bars also contain more calories/fat/carbohydrates than you would imagine them to do, so you should be on your guard and read the labels carefully before tucking into what you might think is a ‘healthy snack bar’. Yoghurt is quite a good snack, as is low-fat cottage cheese as these contain protein to help keep you feeling fuller for longer in your appetite control journey.

Appetite Control Suppressant

Now to go back to the Appetite Suppressant as promised at the beginning of the articles. Well they seem to fall into two categories: prescription and over the counter. A prescription suppressant is generally chemically, pharmaceutically produced compounds or drugs designed for weight loss which can on occasion lead to possible side effects but should of course only be taken under the strict guidance or supervision of a doctor or GP from whom you would be receiving the prescription anyway.

On the other hand, the ‘commercial or over the counter type’ of appetite suppressant are usually based around herbs and natural plant extracts and are in the majority safe but it’s still advisable to make sure that the one you choose is of a high quality and is from a most reputable company.

There is one particular product on the market that helps with appetite control, it contains herbal extracts and caffeine to help boost the metabolism and is actually a really potent blend of very carefully selected herbs that will help the weight management process and because it’s ‘thermojetic’ it will enhance the metabolism to help burn excess fat and give you increased energy. This supplement is great to use as a slimming aid or enhancer and can generally be used in conjunction with many weight reducing programmes.

It also contains Yerba Matte a Latin American tea and natural caffeine both of which will give you a vitality boost and keep you going – a sort of pick me up. Plus cocoa extracts providing your body with the same mood improving qualities as chocolate but of course without the fat calories – perfect!

Appetite Control

And if you are the type of person who struggles to get through the day without giving in to cravings and hunger pangs, then this particular product is going to be right up your street as it contains cinnamon bark which balances your blood sugars which in turn helps with your appetite control and puts you back in control of what you eat. It also contains liquorice root which helps the body naturally eliminate waste and calms down the digestive system, celery seeds, fennel and parsley which are frequently used in herbal supplements to help slimming all of which promote a healthy digestive system and not only help to eliminate excess weight but they also help to eliminate excess water meaning that it helps to keep your system regulated and helps to boost weight loss.

It’s actually a cocktail of herbs designed to give anybody a boost and is a perfect enhancer to most peoples weight loss, weight maintenance or general wellness programmes.

For further details on this good quality natural appetite control suppressant, soy protein milkshakes or smoothies and where to purchase healthy protein snacks please click here I would be happy to help you learn more about appetite control.

Or  if you would like me to help you lose weight then please click here and I’ll be happy to have a no obligation chat with you.

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