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No Matter What Diet You Are Using You Can Improve Your Weight Loss Results?

Why not add one or more of my ‘Top 6 Results-Enhancing Products’ to your existing programme?

I think we all pretty much know now that the secret to successful weight loss lies in choosing the right programme for YOU!  One that works with your lifestyle, your food ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ and your way of thinking.  And although many people try many different diets and conclude that they didn’t work, the truth is that if they had stuck to any single diet they tried and had done it exactly as they were supposed to have done it then it would have worked and they would have lost weight.  But we’re human aren’t we and we cheat … which is why finding the right diet for you is absolutely your key to success.


However, there is nothing in the rule book that states that you can’t take some of the good points from one programme and add them to another programme which is why I wanted to let you know about these fabulous products in our range.

I completely understand that perhaps you don’t want to lose weight using our super high protein, filling and nutritious shakes because although they would benefit everyone not just from a weight loss point of view but more importantly from a nutritional aspect, not everyone thinks they would work for them which is absolutely fine.

But Whatever Weight Loss Method You Are Using You Really Should Know About These Enhancing Products too!

Herbalife have a range of products that you could easily add into your existing programme to help you achieve your weight loss goal quicker.  So I’ve put together my ‘Top 5 Weight Loss Enhancing Product List’.

1)   MEDITERANEAN TOMATO SOUP – High Protein Snack
Perfect now that the cold weather is here.  This soup can be used as a mid morning, mid afternoon snack or as a meal appetiser.  High in protein and fibre to help you stay feeling fuller for longer and only 104 caleries per serving.  Click here to listen to the audio explaining the benefits of adding this gorgeous tomato soup to your current programme.

2)   THERMO COMPLETE – Appetite Control
Thermo Complete can be taken mid morning, mid afternoon or half an hour before you eat a meal to help take the edge off your appetite.  Idea for over the Christmas period and for those who enjoy socialising but who get tempted easily.  Click here to listen to the audio.

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An absolute must for every person who wants to lose weight, it’s nickname is ‘The More You Drink, The More You Shrink!’  A thermojetics drink that helps to stimulate the metabolism, break down body fat, burns 80 calories per cup, provides you with a gentle energy boost and believe it or not actually counts towards your daily water intake.  So the more you drink, the more you boost your metabolism, the more you help to break down body fat, the more calories you burn and the more water you’ve drunk – PERFECT as a tea or coffee replacement and can be drunk either hot or cold. Click here to listen to an audio about the product.

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4)   FIBREBOND – Fat Blocker & Appetite Control
Don’t have a curry or a pizza without taking these first!!  I know, I know … you’re going to say if you’re dieting you shouldn’t be eating that kind of food but let’s be realistic here and confess, occasionally you do go off the straight and narrow and find yourself having something that you really shouldn’t and this is where Fibrebond comes into it’s own.  You take it before your meal so that it has time to disolve in your stomach and then when the fattier element of your meal lands in your stomach it envelopes the fatty element and helps to pass it through your system before it has time to be absorbed.  Perfect for over Christmas, perfect for those dieting and perfect for those who aren’t dieting but enjoy socialising.  Click here to listen to the audio and click here for a video demonstration.

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The perfect snack which come in 3 morish flavours.  When you begin a Herbalife programme we teach you to eat 5 times each day to keep your metabolism fired up and to keep you feeling full.  These protein bars are an absolutely fantastic way to get a wopping great 10 grams of protein into you in a ‘naughty but nice’ and completely allowable way!

Ideal as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack, to keep in your handbag or your gym bag, to eat after your dinner instead of biscuits or cake or just have them as an occasional treat – they really yummy but watch out, the kids love them too!!

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I think that pretty much most of the diet companies have finally come round to the same way of thinking that Herbalife have been teaching for 30 years now.  Protein, the right protein of course, is not only good for the body but it truely helps you stay feeling fuller for longer and our Formula 3 Personalised Protein Powder means that you can add extra protein into your diet without any fuss and it’s a fat free way of adding it.  Of course on the Herbalife programme you simply add it into your shake or smoothie but if you aren’t doing that programme then you can still benefit from it by adding it to dishes such as soup, stews, ratatouille, gravies, sauces and pasta dishes etc.  In fact pretty much anything that has some kind of liquid with the meal.  Click here to listen to the audio.

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