8 Tips On How To Eat Less Without Really Noticing!

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How To Eat Less Without Really Noticing!

When you are trying to lose weight and trying to cut down on your food intake how on earth do you do that without becoming obsessed about food and having that feeling of being deprived?

Here Are A Few Suggestions To Help You Eat Less Along The Way:-

1] Shopping & Cooking Correctly

Having taken the time to carefully select the right kind of foods and then to prepare them in a healthy manner does it actually matter if you then load your plate and eat plenty of it?  Well, unfortunately yes it does, even if it is healthy food that has been prepared well if you load up your plate with too much food then all your hard work will be wasted.  You really do need to master the art of potion control, eating just a little less with each meal really will help you eat less without realising.

Quite often people leave too larger gaps between meal times or snacks meaning that when they finally do eat their ‘eyes are quite literally bigger than their bellies’ to coin the phrase. And I don’t know about you but I was always taught to finish everything that was put on my plate so if I overload it, I’ll quite happily work my way through it.  Therefore you need to be on your guard at all times if you are trying to lose weight by watching your calories and portion sizes.

2] Served From The Table -v- Served From The Pans

I know this one works wonders for me personally.  If I sit at the table with all the food laid out in bowls I will without a doubt firstly serve myself a larger portion and secondly go back for seconds. Whereas if I serve my food straight from the pan onto my plate and then take the plate to the table I absolutely eat less.

3]  Serving Container Size

Apparently if we serve our food from a large container/pan then we will without noticing, serve ourselves a whopping 45%  more food!  Simply use a small pan or container to cook in.

4]  Utensil Size

Not only do we serve ourselves more food if we cook it in larger pans/containers but if we use a large spoon to serve ourselves with then once again we will actually serve ourselves more food!  Think about it, just a couple of scoops of mash served from a dessert spoon is totally different from a couple of scoops served from a table spoon. The point is that if you do this every day it WILL mount up and you will eat more rather than eat less.

4] Size Of Plate

This is something that I always make a point of pointing out to my clients fairly early on in my coaching.  Plate sizes have grown considerably since the 1960’s and there is nothing worse than eating from a half filled plate. Always use a 7″ plate that way when you put on a normal portion of food it will look well filled and your eyes will tell you that it’s going to be a filling meal.Eat less

5]  Drinking Water

Having a glass of water half an hour before you eat your meals means that your body has time to decide how hungry it is when you actually sit down to eat.  The message to your brain telling it that you are hungry or thirsty are very similar and more often than not they get mixed up.  By drinking a glass of water half an hour before you eat means that your brain can establish if you are actually thirsty or hungry and then it can go on to establish just how hungry you actually are allowing you to eat less once again.

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6]  Glass Size Matters Too

You can fool your brain into thinking that you are drinking more if you use a thin, tall tumbler.  This way if you are trying to reduce your amount of liquid calories using a tall, thin tumbler will help.

7]  Colour of Your Plate

Now I have to admit this one is new to me but it does actually make some sense.  An article I was reading suggested that if you were to eat a slice of chocolate cake off a white plate as opposed to a coloured busy plate it’s actually easier to visualise the portion size because it’s clearer to see it.  Therefore it’s easier for you to eat less by portion controling your food when you can easily visualise it’s size.

8] Leave High Calorie Foods Until Last

When we serve our food onto our plate we naturally more often than not go for the foods we enjoy the most, invariably the high calorie ones which we then tend to eat first meaning that we fill up on the high calorie foods and if we were to leave anything at the end of the meal it would then be the healthy foods.  Try adding the healthy foods first to your plate and then dive straight in and start eating them first, that way you’ll fill up on the good stuff and not the high calorie ones.

So There You Are 8 Tips On How To Eat Less Without Really Noticing

and if you use these 8 tips each day whilst you are trying to lose weight then not only will you eat less food but you’ll definitely start to lose weight.

If you would like more information on ‘how to eat less without really noticing’ or you would like to work with me to either lose weight, gain weight or build muscle then please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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