Power Walking My Way To Fitness

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14 Reasons For Power Walking

As an Internet Marketer, On-line Wellness Coach and Stay At Home Mum I have to finally hold my hand up high and admit that I have definitely been guilty of neglecting my own exercise regime for some time now as I have fallen into the ‘sitting behind my computer all day’ scenario and actually I can’t take it anymore!

I need to do some exercise, there it is I said it!

However, I say it every week and then another week flies by and still I’ve achieved nothing so today I am going to write it down in this blog because they say that a goal is not a goal until you write it down and go public!  So here we are I’m going public.  I need to do some exercise!  I need to do some exercise!  I need to do some exercise!  I need to do … oh you get the gist!!

power walking

I’m sure it all sounds very familiar to many of you reading this post and no doubt the obvious knee jerk reaction to this would be to join a gym.  After all going to the gym is adored by so many but personally other than going in the Jacuzzi or the sauna I absolutely loath it and I’d rather stick pins in my eyes (excuse no 1)!

So what am I supposed to do?

Well I could look at classes which when I attend I have to say I do enjoy but as I work from home I have a huge tendency to get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I shamefully have to admit that I am somewhat unreliable at attending as I simply forget (excuse no 2) what time it is and oh dear I’ve missed the class AGAIN! So that’s probably not a sensible option either.

After ruling out swimming as it’s too cold in our local pools (excuse no 3) and running because I’ve got an old knee injury from skiing and it was suggested that I don’t run in the future due to the high impact on my knee (oh excuse no 4) I decided to take a look at .. drum roll please … power walking!!!

Power Walking – Yer Right!!

That strange thing you see people doing along the streets as they pound the pavements with a fast weird walk and a waddle. Mmmm is that really me, well actually I’m thinking by the process of elimination it might actually be the answer!

Why Power Walking Might Just Be My Saviour!

Actually it’s more that I can’t find any excuses (for the time being -LOL) as to why I can’t do it!  You see having done a bit of background on it this is what I’ve come up with …

  1. Power walking is very flexible so I can do it when I want or more to the point when I remember to do it.
  2. It’s a low impact sport meaning it’s easy on the joins for those suffering from previous injuries, those new to exercise or even those getting back into exercise after long periods of absence or pregnancy.  How can that be?  Well it’s because you apparently hit the ground with less than half the force you do when you jog!
  3. Power walking will enable me to multi-task  as I can listen to personal development audio’s on my iPod, walk the dog and power walk all at the same time – result!
  4. Although looking a little weird whilst waddling around the streets power walking, listening to my beloved self development audio’s and walking the dog I  am actually also getting a perfect cardio-boosting workout that will help me burn extra calories while toning up my legs, arms and abs – even bigger result!power walking
  5. Apparently it’s the perfect all rounder as it just about works every muscle from your posture to your muscle definition.
  6. It also strengthens your core (back and deep stomach muscles) which in turn helps to flatten your stomach.
  7. And once I master this weird waddle if I then flap my arms around briskly it will also tone my upper arms helping to minimise any sign of bingo wings that may be lurking in the background.
  8. On top of all that it’s responsible for toning up the thighs and calves and lifts your bum and actually burns more calories than jogging at the same pace!
  9. And of course it’s one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective ways to get in shape.
  10. In fact it’s free and doesn’t require any extra equipment either.
  11. If done right its able to blast away fat as fast as jogging—and maybe faster?
  12. And can speed up your metabolism if done regularly enough.
  13. 3-4 times per week for 30-45 minutes would appear to be optimal to produce results within 2 weeks!
  14. And finally they reckon power walking is going to be fun and enjoyable but I think maybe the jury is still out on that one for me just now!

So help me here, I can’t find a single reason why I shouldn’t give it a whirl – can you?

So with all those positives in there I’m thinking I just can’t ignore this and so as of tomorrow I will be perfecting my power walking weird waddle around the streets of Harrogate and let’s see what happens, I will of course keep you posted along the way.

Here’s to weird waddle power walking and all it may bring!



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