Day 5 – Was Always Going To Be A Challenge …

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Day 5 – Saturday – Alcohol!

Ok so I drank too much alcohol and ate far more food than I should have done last night but I guess that was probably always on the cards and was somewhat down to the food choice available to me.

alcohol + alcohol = weight gain!!!

Fortunately I didn’t drink too much alcohol to end up with a hangover this morning but I was gagging for a cup of Instant Thermo Beverage when I woke up, the best cure in the world if you do have a hangover in my opinion as it re-hydrates you as well as giving you an energy boost but for me it’s the best way to start each and every day anyway!  I never start the day without at least two large mugs of it!

I wasn’t ready for my shake first thing as I was still full from the alcohol and food from the night before but I did manage not to skip breakfast totally and had a shake about 9.30 am which isn’t too bad and especially for a weekend.

I’ve got a very, very busy day ahead of me doing boring jobs, housework and extracting all signs of Christmas from the house as we’ve got three guests coming over this weekend and a visit to my parents so plenty of running around to do to burn off all those nasty calories I took onboard last night.

Of course the housework and moving furniture sorted out my last few remaining weak but decent looking nails so it’s official I now have horrible short and ugly nails which by the way really hurt when I touch anything because they broke so far down the nail bed – never experienced anything like it before!!  Can’t wait for the supplements to really kick in and get going now to bring them back to life.

It’s The Alcohol That Does It!

And so to the weigh in this morning, well of course a gain of ¼ lb – oh heck but actually I think I was probably lucky to get away with such a small gain considering the food and alcohol I consumed the night before and in all fairness I knew I would gain something over the weekend because that’s exactly what happened to me 8 years ago when I did the programme last time.  I lost through the week and then gained a little over the weekend.  Although I must admit that I didn’t go totally overboard with the food to say I had a curry (see below) but maybe I did with the alcohol and combined with the alcohol from the previous evenings, it was probably all starting to mount up!  Nonetheless I gained 1/4lb and it’s only Saturday morning, I still have today, tonight and all of tomorrow to survive with even more alcohol units being consumed I’m sure!

Can Alcohol Make Such A Difference Then?

Well it’s just too easy to forget how many empty calories there actually are in alcohol because it’s just a drink and a very enjoyable drink indeed and if you’d like to know a little more about alcohol and calories then just click here. It’s easy to see how you can very quickly go over your daily calorie intake if you have too many drinks on a weekend and thus sabotaging all your efforts from the previous week.

Having said all of that, you’ll probably have already noticed by now from the meals that I have been eating that I don’t want to show you how I can lose weight only eating lettuce leaves and drinking water and cutting out alcohol altogether!  No, that’s just far too easy!  I want it to be more realistic, I want to show you how you can lose weight using the Herbalife products mixed in with your normal every day life, eating normal everyday meals and drinking moderate amounts of alcohol (hopefully next week for me) and if I don’t do everything in moderation then you’ll see what happens to my results.  It’s an experiment and you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t as we go along and I show you.  I am my very own guinea pig!

Of course some of my meals will be healthier than others but generally overall I’ll try to choose the ones that are regular family type meals to show to you that you can lose weight eating normal food.  The weight loss maybe slower than if I just ate salad and drank still water but who wants to do that through winter, definitely not me that’s for sure.

So, I really want to try and keep it real yet healthy where possible but without being paranoid about the whole thing, what I eat and what I drink – I hope I can achieve this!

So let’s have a quick stats update and then we’ll catch up tomorrow.

STATS – Saturday morning
Weight = 9 stone 11 ¼ lbs (1/4 lb gain – eekk!)

Measurements = really must do them because they are so important and I always stress this to my clients so I really should do them too.

Breakfast = Healthy nutritional Formula 1 Meal Replacement
Bar – chocolate flavour, left over from the demonstration I did yesterday.  I must admit I much prefer the shake for my breakfast because I always take mine with hot milk so it’s much more warming in winter but I have some of the sample bars left so it makes sense to finish them off first.

Lunch = Healthy nutritional Formula 1 Meal Replacement Bar –
strawberry this time – and still got more left over samples to go…!!

Supplements taken = Well, totally forgot all about them today  other than the Herbal Beverage and Aloe Concentrate because I didn’t have my tablet box on view as usual. I normally keep them by the kettle in the kitchen so every time I make a Thermo Beverage drink I see them and it reminds me to take them but on this occasion I’d left them hidden in one of the boxes I used for yesterday’s demonstration which really won’t help the nails situation now will it!

Drinks = 2 litres a combination of: Thermojetics Instant Herbal
| Herbal Aloe Concentrate or plain hot water – probably drank more
than 2 litres in truth but 2 litres is fine.

Alcohol Friday night = 4 large glasses of white wine

Evening Meal Friday night = Dare I admit to this – LOL! 2 popadoms
and 2 onion bhajis with pickles followed by a chicken bhuna madras.  However if it
helps my case I did share the rice, was very cautious with the pickles and only ate the chunks of chicken rather than the sauce and didn’t mop up all the remaining curry sauce with the rice either so I was as good as I could have been – tee hee!!!!

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