My 30 Day Weight Maintenance Experiment

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Background To The Experiment

So what’s this all about then?  Well, I’ve been using Herbalife products for
the past 8 years as my maintenance programme and it’s worked exceptionally
well.  I’ve maintained a steady 9 stone throughout that time after having originally lost one stone and 6″ in 34 days.  Not a huge weight loss testimonial I know compared to so many others but at 5ft 7″ and weighing 10 stone I didn’t think I even needed to lose any weight in the first place so when I lost a stone (without really trying – don’t tell anyone that) I was very impressed indeed.

But don’t get me wrong, I still eat ordinary food too I just prefer to have a nutritious Herbalife shake 6 days a week for my breakfast and then I eat pretty much what I want from thereon in.  It was an excellent lifestyle choice that I made many years ago and why that particular one, well for many reasons really …

  • Firstly – to help maintain my weight.
  • Secondly – I grew up as a ‘breakfast skipper’ which we all know is a huge ‘no no’ and only when I was pregnant did I force myself to eat a breakfast yet strangely enough when I began the Herbalife weight loss programme I found it really hard to get my head round how … if I added another meal into my day ie a breakfast, how could I really lose weight?  Well down from 10 stone to 9 stone in 34 days proved that point indeed!!
  • Thirdly – having a drink for my breakfast doesn’t really class as having a breakfast to me and I can also take it with me around the house as I’m getting ready for my busy day ahead.
  • Fourthly I believe I became a breakfast skipper all those years ago because when I do eat a breakfast of toast or cereasl by 10.30 am I’m looking around for a snack because I’m hungry again whereas with the shake it keeps me feeling full through until lunchtime and beyond which is exactly what I want.
  • Fifthly – I know that I’m having the most nutritious breakfast I could possibly have without having any fuss or buying in speciality foods, which sets me up for the day.
  • Sixthly – (if that’s a real word?) I know not only is it nutritious but it’s calorie, protein and carbohydrate controlled to provide my body with exactly the right amount of everything I need.

Of course, sometimes if I’ve had a blitz of social events and I notice I’ve gained a few pounds or so I’ll drop back onto two shakes a day for two or three days until my weight is back in line which is all part of learning how to maintain a healthy and balanced weight and this has worked superbly for me for the past 8 years.

So Why The Experiment?

Well back in November I started wondering what would happen if I stopped taking my shake for breakfast and my supplements?  Would I actualy feel any different and how would it affect my weight after all I’ve taken the products for so long would it really make any difference at all? And as December approached I kept thinking about this more and more until I decided to start my little experiment.

December was always going to be a busy month for me with social engagements, a business trip to Tenerife for 5 days, back to back with another business trip down to Wales, Christmas parties, hosting a big family gathering on Christmas Day followed by another for New Year’s eve coupled with the fact that both David and Laura would be at home for the whole of Christmas but what the heck I was going to be really busy and really active so surely any extra food I ate I should burn off running around getting organised for Christmas and New Year, after all generally I work from my office at home and being online for most of the day means I’m fairly
sedentary throughout the day but December is always that much more active so it’s probably the best month to give it a whirl and so the idea was born and the experiment began.

Tomorrow I’ll start reporting my journey through December, my findings and what January holds for me.   Please follow my progress and see what happens. Will I have gained or maintained my weight?  Will I really need to start a whole new weight loss programme again for January or did I manage to ‘get away with it’ because of all the increased activity I did throughout December?  What do you think?

I’d love to share the trials and tribulations of my experiment with you and any of your friends who are thinking about losing weight.  So please Tweet, Facebook or simply pass my link  ( onto them aswell so that we can all share and learn from my journey and of course feel free to leave me any comments you wish  in the comments box below.  Until tomorrow …


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